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TAK Group

TAK GROUP is one of the few end-to-end players in the agro value chain in Nigeria, starting from yield enhancement by providing NPK fertilizers to farmers, all the way to the storage of grains and the produce that comes out from the application of the fertilisers.

TAK Group has a deep experience across the entire ABP Value Chain.

TAK Agro & Chemicals Limited

TAK Agro & Chemicals Limited, an agro-allied company was established to provide quality agro inputs for the Nigerian farmer. The Company has become ‘the Farmer’s choice’, and over the years acquired fertilizer blending plants across Nigeria, established a presence in Mali, and built a solid network of agro-dealers that would ensure that the product goes from the production plant to the end user.

As a major fertilizer blending company with a combined capacity of almost one million tonnes, TAK Agro & Chemicals Limited was forefront in partnering with the Federal Government of Nigeria in driving its Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GESS) programme.

TAK Logistics Limited

TAK Logistics is one of the key building blocks for the end-to-end value that the TAK Group delivers to the market, starting from the delivery of raw materials to the blending plants to the movement and distribution of blended fertilisers to the agro-dealers.

Starting from inputs, TAK is the “Number 1” NPK Fertilizer supplier in the ABP program and is supporting Produce Africa in this regard. TAK is also providing its support for aggregation and storage and currently provides similar support to the ABP Program. The TAK Logistics truck fleet of 250 brand new MAN trucks are available to Produce Africa.

MatrixVille Nigeria Limited

MatrixVille Nigeria Limited is a member of TAK Group. It is a foremost Pan African company primarily engaged in agro-allied trading, processing and exportation As a licensed exporter with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and also a corporate member of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), it is involved in the business of bulk commercial storage of fertilizer and Agricultural commodities. The Company recently acquired 5 strategic Silo complexes for grain storage spread across Nigeria with aggregate capacity to hold 261,000 for Bin and 150,000 for Warehouses. These silos and warehouses are sitting on a 20Ha land area each and are also available to Produce Africa Limited.

This new investment has made Matrix Ville (TAK Group) the largest holder of storage assets in Nigeria. The acquired storage facilities are located in different crop production centres. This therefore offers an opportunity to establish processing facilities for different crops.

MatrixVille Limited consistently ensures that it meets its clients' agro-allied product specifications without compromising on integrity, quality service and prompt delivery.This has endeared the Company to the International Market where it continually receives unwavering support and referrals.

Beta Ventures

BETA.VENTURES works closely with founders and teams from product idea to product launch through to the next stage of company development. They are focused on the opportunities made available by a 1.2 billion-person, mobile phone-enabled Africa. They are experienced entrepreneurs themselves and are able to share what has proven to work for product and service scaling, revenue growth and fund raising.

Operations is key to success at early stage companies, and our environment often faces a dearth of experience scaling opportunities. With regards to Produce Africa, Beta Ventures will focus intensely on the operations of the company by adding value through several levers they know, from experience, will enable a company succeed. Their partners, affiliates and mentors lead some top technology companies locally and internationally and have valuable experience building great products/services, negotiating partnerships and deals, leading teams, and raising capital.


AJOCARD is a platform that allows people to save time and money by doing transactions with ease through agents and the agents can also make money rendering these services. They also have a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) device that allows agents to serve as virtual ATMs to banked consumers with bank cards for cash withdrawals, and to perform transactions without the need for cash in remote areas.

AjoCard was created to "deliver financial services to the underserved" which they term as those:

1. UNDERBANKED consumers in areas that want to save, and make and receive payments.

2. BANKED consumers that aren't close to their bank branch or bank's ATM machines.

3. UNBANKED consumers in the agriculture sector needing to receive and make payments. This is particularly relevant to Produce Africa in its financial transactions with the farmers, which will include loans, savings and other financial payments and transmissions.

The company, AJOCARD was formed by a team with deep expertise in financial technology, scaled startups, switching platforms, and tier 1 banks. They have partnered with a global card scheme operator, tier 1 banks, the largest PTSP, a dominant mobile money platform, and two leading fintech venture capital firms.